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Food City Treasure Hunt Returns

ABINGDON, VA (Monday, October 17, 2011) – The folks at Food City are gearing up for the return of the Food City Treasure Hunt.  The contest, which features a new format, will kick off on October 23rd and continue through December 17th.  

“The Food City Treasure Hunt is one of our most popular contests and we’re excited to bring it back with an exciting new concept,” said Steven C. Smith, Food City president and chief executive officer.  “We look forward to hosting our finalists at the gala event and giving away some great cash prizes.”

Food City shoppers who use their ValuCard to purchase ten or more exclusive brand items in a single transaction will receive a special receipt with a large alphabetical letter imprinted at the bottom.  A different letter will print each week for eight weeks, spelling the word “TREASURE”.  Shoppers must collect all eight letters to qualify for the contest.  Participating brands include Food City Fresh, Food Club, Paws, Top Care, Terry’s, Kern’s, Moore’s, Valu Time, Lay’s, Kay’s, World Classics, Rosario’s, Full Circle, Domestix, Electrix, Academix, Easyclix, and Bistro Deli Classics. 

Thirty finalists will be chosen from each of three geographic areas to attend a special Holiday Treasure Hunt Gala.  Separate events will be held for each of the three areas.  At each event, one grand-prize winner selected to receive $5,000, one first-prize winner will receive $3,000, one second-prize winner will receive $1,000 and the remaining finalists will receive either a $50 Food City Gift Card or a gift basket. 

“We are certainly looking forward to the return of the Food City Treasure Hunt,” said Ron Bonacci, vice president of marketing for Food City.  “We have combined some sensational new elements with one of our shopper’s favorite promotions for what we think will be an exciting contest for our loyal shoppers”.

The contest is open to legal residents of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina or West Virginia, 18 years or older at the time of entry.  No purchase is necessary.  Some restrictions apply.  Please see participating Food City locations for the official rules and regulations.

Headquartered in Abingdon, Virginia, K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc. operates 105 retail food outlets throughout the tri-state regions of Southeast Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee.