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Tailgater of the Race

Tailgater Judge's Unofficial Score Sheet:

(aka...How to "butter up" the judges so that your tailgate "sticks" to our grill!)

• We wanna see ya, hear ya and smell ya (in a good way) from yards away - make some noise; send up smoke signals; blind us with your visual appeal!

• Grill must be sizzling or smoking (but no extra points if your tent is up in flames)!

• Come up with a creative theme or name for your tailgate - racing themes encouraged

•  Your tailgate should ooze hospitality - interact in a friendly, spirited way with passersby and neighboring tailgaters and most importantly with the judges.  We like food (wink, wink)!

•  Make sure you have a herd grazing at your feast (hopefully all Food City Private Label and Legacy Brands)

• Your tailgate area is no place for slobs.  Crumpled up napkins next to the food may be attractive to flies, but not to the judges.

•  It never hurts to display your sponsor's products proudly!!!!