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Green Living

Food City's commitment to being green, goes all year round.

Here are some of the things we've done in the past year:

Solar Panel Production

Over a 25 year period, the company anticipates that the unit will result in a reduction of 3,911,700 pounds of carbon dioxide (the leading greenhouse gas), 10,200 pounds of nitrous oxide (causes smog and adverse health effects) and 20,400 pounds of sulfur dioxide (causes acid rain), which is the equivalent of taking 255 cars off the road or planting 383 acres of trees.

Skylights and Dimmable Ballasts

Estimated Lights Will Be Off 100 Days/Year
Lighting Typically 15-20% Of Energy Cost

Reduce the amount of plastic bags! 

Over 100 million plastic bags go to the landfill every week!  Those bags can take between 15 to 1000 years to breakdown. With the introduction of the new Hippo-Sak and our re-usable bags, Food City reduced its plastic bag usage by 18.3 million bags last year.

KW saved

Total 2 year savings - 11.6 million KW

Reduced Number of Vending Machines

From As Much As 12 Machines To 6 Machines

Standardized HVAC and Lighting Schedules

Standard HVAC Setting Of 72 Degrees
Lights Turned Off 30 Minutes After Closing And Turned On 30 Minutes Prior To Opening

Gas N Go Lights

LED Lights Under Canopy Lights
All Signage
As much as 70% KW Savings Each Month

Installed ECM Motors

Reduced Energy Usage In Prep Rooms and Walk In Coolers By 50%
Reduced Energy Usage In Refrigerated Cases By 25-30%