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Recycling Conservation Objective

Introducing ReCO!  ReCO is proud to join the Food City team.  Along with his buddy ECO, he has an objective...ReCycling Conservation Objective.  Here at Food City we've been recycling cardboard, plastic bags, plastic and other items for years.  But we want to do even better.  Our goal is to make our associates more aware and more involved, as well as spread the word to our customers and get them involved.

Part of the objective is to reduce the amount of plastic bags!  Over 100 million plastic bags go to the landfill every week!  Those bags can take between 15 to 1000 years to breakdown.  

Check out our assortment of re-usable Food City bags that you can bring back time and time again.

We are committed to making a difference and we'd like to thank you for your help in this commitment.