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Food City Brands
Academix You don't have to subject yourself to the hassle of going to those giant stores to find low prices on quality school supplies. With the Academix brand, Food City carries a complete line of quality school supplies at prices that won't break your school budget. Plus, you have the convenience of getting what you need as you do your weekly grocery shopping. Now, what could be better than that? All items subject to availability.
Certified Angus Beef The Certified Angus Beef Program was established to increase demand for registered Angus cattle through a program that identifies consistent, high quality beef with superior taste. Food City is proud to be part of the group of 2,500 licensed supermarkets that now offer Certified Angus Beef items in our fresh meat department. Certified Angus Beef has met rigid quality standards based on marbling, tenderness and leanness. A combination that makes a product you will have to taste to believe.
Dollar Zone You won't believe what you can get for just a dollar at Food City's Dollar Zone! Quality tools, hardware, cell phone accessories, gifts, toys, health and beauty care items . . . the list goes on and on! You'll find specially marked sections throughout the store. Look for the bright blue and yellow signs!
Domestix Bath Tissue, paper towels, napkins, cleaners and more are included in Food City's premium quality line of non-food household supplies. National brand quality at store brand prices, all with the Food City 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can't go wrong with Domestix brand products. All items subject to availability.
Food Club Food City's Food Club brand products provide customers with a full range of top quality, guaranteed-to-please grocery items that are priced well below their national brand counterparts. Food Club products are carefully designed and formulated to be as good or better than the big name brands. They're made with the same high quality ingredients, many times in the very same production facilities! You'll find Food Club brand throughout the Food City store, in grocery, dairy, frozen, meat and more! All items subject to availability.
Full Circle Today's consumers are becoming more and more conscious of what goes in, and on, the food they eat and serve their families. Full Circle natural and/or organic products give you peace of mind in knowing that they are produced and packaged according to the strict guidelines set forth by the USDA for natural and organic products. From fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, pastas, canned goods or frozen foods, Full Circle brands deliver guaranteed quality, delicious flavor and outstanding value. All items subject to availability.
Paws Premium The Paws product portfolio features high quality pet foods, treats, toys and accessories for the special 'pal' in your family. The Paws Premium brand includes 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your cat or dog, as well as the most popular treats, toys and accessories. Your pet will love you even more when you bring home Paws brand. All items subject to availability.
Top Care There's nothing more important to you and your family than good health. That's why Food City's own pharmacists recommend Top Care brand health and beauty care products. They are formulated to meet or exceed the quality and safety standards of the national brands, but at a much lower cost to you than those big names. Our laboratories thoroughly test and monitor the quality of every product for consistency and effectiveness. Plus, they carry Food City's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. All items subject to availability.
Valu Time Valu Time products, hundreds of great quality, everyday items priced up to 60% less than their national brand counterparts, so you can save money every time you shop. All items subject to availability.
World Classics As purveyors of fine foods from all over the world, we are proud to bring you a collection of products that includes Savory Crackers, Aromatic Olive Oil, Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Unique Stuffed Olives, Flavorful Salsas, Rich Pasta Sauces, Exotic Rices and more. All items subject to availability. For more information please contact World Classics Trading Co at 800-867-6733.
Harvest Club From our table to yours, our commitment to quality means that you can be 100% confident that you and your family are enjoying only the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables that mother nature has to offer.