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Legacy Brands
Kerns Bakery
The original Kern's bakery was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1864 by Peter Kern, former mayor of Knoxville. Kern's became known as one of the finest bakeries in the South. Now, these top-quality bread and bakery products are back at Food City, including a complete line of white, whole wheat, honey wheat and lite wheat breads and buns, along with single-serve snack cakes, angel food and pound cakes.
Kay's Classic Ice Cream
Kay's Ice Cream was originally based in Knoxville, TN, and was well-known for introducing a wide variety of flavors. In a world previously dominated by chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, Kay's made flavors like butter pecan a household name. Food City has brought back a full line of classic, novelties, and all-natural Kay's Ice Cream flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, double fudge, mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, neapolitan, black raspberry, strawberry and coffee.
Lay's Classic Meats
Lay's began in 1921, when the company was founded by the Lay family in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their meat plant enjoyed great success for over 80 years. Food City has brought a full line of Lay's meat products back by popular demand - including sliced luncheon meats, bacon, ham, chili, sloppy joe, Three Pigs Wieners, Touchdown Beef Franks, QuickStart Wieners, Ole Timer Sausage and Lay's Bologna.
Terry's Classic Snacks
Terry's Snacks, originally based in Bristol, Virginia, is perhaps best known for their product freshness and unique flavors of Cheese Puffs, Dill Pickle and Ketchup Potato Chips. Food City has brought these traditional favorites back along with several new flavors.
Chuck Wagon
The Classic Is Back!TM Food City is bringing back an all-time favorite dog food brand, Chuck Wagon. Also in the line are treats with the meaty taste dogs love. Look for Chuck Wagon in the pet aisle at your local Food City store.