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Assorted Food Colors & Egg Dye

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1.20 Oz. 

Easy to Use Plastic Squeeze Drop Bottles Come In Four Vivid Basic Colors
Red Blue Green YellowKosher

Egg Coloring Fun Use White Clean Hard Boiled Eggs Add 1 4 Tsp of Desired Color And 2 Tsp Vinegar to 2 3 Cup Boiling Water Dip Eggs Until Desired Color Is Obtained Cookie Decorating Add 4 5 Drops Into 1 2 Cup of Sugar Blend Until Uniform Tint Obtained Blen

Water Propylene Glycol Artificial Colors Yellow 5 Blue 1 Red 40 Red 3 Yellow 6 Citric Acid Sodium Benzoate And Propylparaben Preservatives

There is no nutrition information available on this product.

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