Community Cash

Community Cash

What is Community Cash?  "Community Cash" is the fundraising program that sells the one thing that everybody needs: Groceries!

How Much of a Discount Do You Get?

Your Community Cash Cards will be discounted by 5% when you place your order and purchase them.

Why Sell?

When you buy a Food City Community Cash card, you get the groceries you need while Food City makes a donation to a chosen non-profit organization. These cards make it easy for you to do your shopping and they make great gifts. So you get 100% of your money back in groceries.

How do we start?

Carefully read over your Community Cash kit. Then you can determine the total amount of gift cards you wish to order by either pre-selling them or by setting a realistic sales goal and purchasing that amount. Your Community Cash coordinator will let you know when your gift cards will be ready for pick-up or delivery.

Support a Good Cause Without Spending an Extra Dime

Food City is a well-known and respected chain in the community. People know we have been around for a long time, and they can trust our name for quality, convenience, and low prices. When your customer purchases a Food City Community Cash card, they can count on getting their money's worth in our store.

Please Note

The purchaser and any subsequent holder or user agrees that if this card remains inactive for 12 consecutive months, a monthly service fee of $2.00 will be charged against the remaining balance until the card is reused or the balance is depleted.