Food City Race Night & Tractor Show

Food City Race Night & Tractor Show

Knoxville Expo Center, Knoxville, TN Thursday, April 16, 2015, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Food City Race Night features entertainment, free food sampling, show cars, racing simulators and special appearances by numerous NASCAR celebrities. Tickets are $5.00 at Food City or $6.00 at the door on the day of event.
Children 12 and under are admitted FREE. All proceeds from Food City Race Night will benefit local organizations. This year's charity is the East Tennessee Children's Hospital. Sponsored by WATE, Knoxville News Sentinel, and WIVK.

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Appearances and Autographs
*Driver's schedules are subject to change.
Trevor Bayne - #6 Ford Roush Fenway
Chris Lafferty - #89 Lafferty Motorsports
Eric McClure - #24 Hefty  (5:00pm-6:30pm)
Cole Whitt - #35 Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters
Kassie Perkins - Miss Food City
Rhonda Vincent & the Rage
Michael Nuchols - #42 WKA Dirt Karting
Doug Oliver - Food City Service Truck
Harold Crook & Bobby Helton - 1957 Chevrolet Limited Late Model
Lester Sexton - 1937 Chevy #1
Gary Potter - 1958 Chevrolet
Brownie King - NASCAR Legend
Paul Lewis - NASCAR Legend
Travis Tiller - NASCAR Legend
Larry Utsman - NASCAR Legend
Gary Potter - 1958 Chevrolet
William Foster, Jr. - #88 Kart
Tim Lopata - Forge Muscle Cars
George Lopata Sr. & Jr. - Forge Muscle Cars
Larry Payne - Forge Muscle Cars
Austin Payne - Forge Muscle Cars
Jim Fritz - Forge Muscle Cars
Jenna Herrmann - #7 Kart
Levi Herrmann - #03 Kart
Jimmy Dalton - UMP Open Wheel
Brandon Morris - #43 Kart
David Kerr - #14 Dirt
Jordon Horton - #1G Dirt
Pierce Lockhart - USAC Quarter Midget
Scott Crusenberry - #8 Mini Cup
Tim Crusenberry - #08 Mini Cup
Emily Cook - #10  Mini Cup
William Alsip - #28 Mini Cup
Blake Jones - #80 ARCA
James Kelso - #41 Dirt Late Model
Tom King - #81 Kart
Joshua Nipper - #81 Kart
Kyle Cunningham - Supercross
Ross White - #0 Dirt Late Model
Tom Vann -  #XXX Dirt Late Model
Kip Sawyer - #11 Dirt Late Model
Skip Arp - #31 Smoky Mountain Speedway
Bobby Griffin - #97 Smoky Mountain Speedway
Tommy Kerr - #4t Smoky Mountain Speedway
Donald McIntosh - #7 Smoky Mountain Speedway
Robby Moses - #7 Smoky Mountain Speedway
Josh Fields - #11 Dirt Late Model
Bud Girls
Philip Thompson - #24 Dirt Oval Classic
Brian Voiles - #3 Super Late Model
Rick Carrico - #2 Southern Koma Modified
Bill Goss - #99 Copper Cove Cabin Rentals
Eric Maples - #15 Modlite

4:15-5:25pm Cody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad
5:30-6:00pm Welcome Ceremonies; MC-Michael Spencer of WATE
6:00-6:45pm Rhonda Vincent & the Rage
6:50–7:30pm Tony Justice

Food Sampling
Blue Bell Homemade Ice Cream, Busch (non alcoholic), CAB Thick & Juicey Burgers served on Flowers Buns, Cheez-it Product, Cousin Willies Popcorn, Food City Fresh! Chicken Wings, Frito Lay Cheetos, Gun Shot Sauce Sampled on Meatballs, Gurrnaid Energy Drink, Gwaltney Hotdogs served on Sara Lee Buns, John Boy & Billy Grillin' Sauce, House Autry Mills sampling Chicken Breader & Sauce, Jimmy John's Subs , Kellogg's Pop Tarts, Lance Crackers, Mayfield Ice Cream Novelties, Milos Tea, Misty Mtn. Water, Mrs. Grissoms Salads, Old Milwaukee (non alcoholic), Pepsi Products, Snyder of Berlin Chips, Vietti Chili & Hotdog Sauce, Vienna Sausages and Brooks Chili Beans, Wise Potato Chips

Booths and Displays
Advo Care, American Diabetes, American Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Belk-West Town, Dales Winning Edge, Dixie Stampede, ESGR (Employer Support of Guards & Reserve), Free Will Baptist Ministries Foster Program, Harley Davidson of Knoxville, Hillbilly 66, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Knoxville News Sentinel, Knoxville Zoo, Madaris and the Pink Panther, NASCAR Collectables, National Guard place with Display, RAM, Remote Control Car Club of Knoxville, Rhonda Vincent & the Rage, Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, River Stone Resort, Sprint/Your Wireless Solutions, Tennessee Donor Services, Titanic Museum, Tony Justice Merchandise, Victory Junction Gang, WATE  & Van, WIVK, Tennessee Suicide Prevention Networks - Vision Ride

Show Vehicles & Other Attractions
#24 Hefty, #13 GEICO, #5 Great Clips, #43 Smithfield, Food City Cold Air Balloon, Bud Light Hummer, Food City Big Cart w/ Chromed Out Racing Tractor, Ripley's Aquarium Van, (4) Tim Lopata Forge Muscle Cars, John Boy & Billy Big Show Grill, National Guard Display  & HUMVEE, 1957 Chevrolet Limited Late Model - Harold Crook, Food City Service Truck - Doug Oliver, Great Big Famous Idaho Potato, #42 WKA Dirt Kart & #42 Late Model - Michael Nuchols, USAC Quarter Midget  - Pierce Lockhart, 1937 Chevy #1 - Lester Sexton, (50) Antique Tractors, TN Smokies Moon Bounce, Great Clips Charity Cuts for Donations, #88 Kart - William Foster Jr., #14 Dirt - David Kerr, #7 Kart - Jenna Herrmann, #03 Kart - Levi Herrmann, Blue Bell Sampling Trailer, Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, Martha White Bus, (2) Harley Davidsons, (1) Indian Motorcycle and Harley Jump Start, (5) 411 Motor Speedway Cars & Drivers, Hillbilly 66-1923 Ford T Bucket , UMP Open Wheel & Souvenirs - Jimmy Dalton, #43 Kart - Brandon Morris, (4) Smoky Mountain Speedway Car & Drivers, Planters NUTmobile, #1 G Dirt - Jordon Horton, #08 Mini Cup - Tim Crusenberry, #8 Mini Cup - Scott Crusenberry, #10 Mini Cup - Emily Cook, #28 Mini Cup - William Alsip, 1958 Chevy Vintage - Gary Potter , #41 Dirt Late Model - James Kelso, (7) Tazewell Speedway Cars & Drivers, #81 Kart - Tom King, #81 Kart - Joshua Nipper, Supercross Bikes  - Kyle Cunningham, #0 Dirt Late Model - Ross White, #XXX Dirt Late Model - Tom Vann, #11 Dirt Late Model - Kip Sawyer,#31 Smoky Mountain Speedway - Skip Arp, #97 Smoky Mountain Speedway - Bobby Griffin, #4t Smoky Mountain Speedway-Tommy Kerr, #7 Smoky Mountain Speedway - Donald McIntosh, #7 Smoky Mountain Speedway - Robby Moses, #11 Dirt Late Model - Josh Fields, #24 Dirt Oval Classic - Philip Thompson, #3 Super Late Model - Brian Voiles, #2 Southern Koma Modified - Rick Carrico, #15 Modlite - Eric Maples, #99 Copper Cove Cabin Rentals - Bill Goss, AAA Service Truck-Assisting with Battery Boost, Lock Out, Spare Tire Installation, #88 Armour Display featuring Armour #88 Camaro, Tire Change Simulator, Corn Hole Toss, #88 Armour Sweepstakes Bad Boy Buggie, Inflatable Can


Commercial Characters
Food City CC Cookie, Lance Peanut & Lance Capt'n Wafer, Pink Panther, Planters Peanut, Ripleys Aquarium Sharky, Spuddy Buddy, Tennessee Fair Jasper & 2014 Fairest of the Fair, Tennessee Smokies Diamond, Slugger and Homer, Titanic 1st Class Maid & Officer, TJ Clown & Face Painter, TN Donor Services Donorsaurus, WIVK - Frog