Earn Cash for Shopping at Food City with the ibotta app. Download the app, link your ValuCard and start earning receipt-free today!

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free mobile app that gives you cash back on the things you buy every day.

How It Works

Download the free ibotta app and link your ValuCard.

Download the free ibotta app

Download the ibotta app and link your ValuCard. The app is available at Google play or in the App Store for free.

Unlock Rebates on everyday items that you purchase at Food City.

Unlock Rebates

Before shopping, search and unlock rebates.

 Shop for groceries, make-up, pet supplies, baby items, beer, and much more at Food City.


Buy your products at Food City.

Get Cash back from ibotta for purchasing items at Food City with your ValuCard

Get Cash

Check out as normal using your ValuCard.