Food City Pharmacy

Online Prescription Refills FAQs

The new Food City Pharmacy online portal will allow you view information about your current prescriptions, find special offers and easily refill, or transfer prescription.

To access your patient information you must first create an account. Once your account has been created you will be able to refill or transfer prescriptions by entering the Rx number. We value your privacy and security so you will be asked to provide patient Name, DOB, and a recent RX number for verification order to view your current prescriptions.

To verify your account:

1. Once you have accessed your account, click Prescriptions

2. Click Add Family Member

3. Enter the requesting information
A confirmation PIN request will be sent via phone call or text to the phone number on file with the pharmacy.

4. Enter the provided PIN for access to your current prescriptions.

When you are directed to the portal, click the Sign In at the top. Once the sign in page opens you will be provided a link to click for password recovery. A confirmation request will be sent via phone call or text to the phone number on file with the pharmacy.

Yes, when processing a refill request you will be asked if you would like to be enrolled in Auto Refill. When opting into Auto Refills, if eligible, we will refill your prescription when it becomes due. If you have opted in for refill notifications we will contact you when the prescription refill is complete.

Yes, once you have logged into your account, click the family members name you which to print history on. Next click the History tab in the center of the page. Your prescription history will display. Click the Print icon to the right of the page. You will be prompted to enter a date range then click Create to print the PDF version of your prescription history.


You can also download our Mobile App to refill or transfer your prescription, ask your pharmacist for details.