Crav’n Flavor brand, available at your local Food City grocery store, satisfies your latest craving for something hearty, savory and delicious.

Crav'n Flavor

With a wide assortment of products to choose from, Crav'n Flavor brand delivers serious satisfaction for whatever you are craving. Craving a sweet or salty snack? Try one of our delicious varieties of cookies and crackers. Want a quick bite or maybe you are having a little get together, try Crav'n Flavor's line of frozen appetizers and snack rolls. Lunch or dinner, we have that covered too. Try our wide selection of sandwiches, skillet meals, pastas and pizzas. Always fresh, delicious and ready when you are.

As one of our Food City family of brands, Crav'n Flavor is priced lower than the national brand. Crav'n delivers big flavor for a small price so you never have to sacrifice taste or quality to crush that craving with the comfort food you need. You can find Crav'n Flavor at your local Food City grocery store.