Food City Recognizes Associates for Outstanding Volunteerism

Food City Recognizes Associates for Outstanding Volunteerism

Abingdon, VA Friday, Jan 4, 2019.

Food City is well-known for their superior customer service and vast community involvement within their operational areas.  In keeping with their exemplary service standards, each year Food City recognizes outstanding volunteerism among their associates through their Claude P. Varney Volunteer Recognition Program.

“As a company, we strive to maintain a high level of dedication to service, quality, value and community involvement, while providing a work environment that enables our associates to grow both personally and professionally as successful members of the team,” stated Steven C. Smith, Food City’s president and chief executive officer.

Following his attendance at a June 2002 White House meeting geared toward boosting national volunteerism through corporate support, Smith administered the creation of Food City’s Claude P. Varney Volunteer Recognition Program, in memory of their beloved former president and board vice-chairman.  Throughout his 47 year career, Varney brought a great deal of foresight and knowledge to Food City and the grocery industry as a whole, but was most noted for his tremendous compassion and humanitarian services. 

“Many of our associates volunteer their time and talents to numerous service organizations throughout the areas in which we operate and we feel it’s needful to recognize the valuable services and support they provide,” said Smith. 

Each year, special committees are established to review associate volunteer activities and select individual award recipients based on outstanding achievement in the areas of health, education, environment, cultural arts, recreational, heritage/history and public service.  One overall winner is selected from each Food City location and corporate levels.  Of those entries, the following individual store winners were selected:

Store winners then move on to compete at district level.  Twelve district winners are recognized with an award and a $250 contribution to their choice charity during a special corporate luncheon.  Two divisional winners are then chosen and honored with a plaque and a $750 charity contribution.  And finally, one overall winner is selected to receive the prestigious Claude P. Varney Humanitarian Award and be publicly recognized for their outstanding achievements in addition to a $1,250 charity contribution made on their behalf. 

“We’re extremely proud of the difference our associates make through their many humanitarian contributions.  Our company is wholly committed to providing exceptional service to the citizens and communities in which we operate and ensuring our associates have the support they need to become the best corporate citizens possible,” summarized Smith.

Area Store Winners
Food City Distribution Center — Jon Coalson
Food City 898 Wise, VA —  Rachel Anne McCowan
Food City 897 St. Paul, VA —  Sharon Layell
Super Dollar 896 Rose Hill, VA —  Skylar Gibson
Food City 895 Pennington Gap, VA —  Chris Sprinkle
Food City 892 Clintwood, VA —  Deidra Wallace
Food City 891 Big Stone Gap, VA —  Sandy Ramey
Food City 890 Lebanon, VA —  Kendra Bell
Food City 866 Independence, VA —  Suzie Halsey
Food City 865 Galax, VA —  Dollie Gravely
Food City 860 Damascus, VA —  Richard Fleenor
Food City 859 Pulaski, VA —  Charlie Church
Food City 852 Bluefield, VA —  Emily K Thurston
Food City 849 Chilhowie, VA —  Madelyn Blevins
Food City 848 Marion, VA —  Tyler Hunt
Food City 827 Cedar Bluff, VA —  Alisha Short
Food City 823 Abingdon, VA —  Janie Lawson
Food City 821 Euclid Ave., Bristol, VA —  Deborah McMillan
Food City 816 Bonham Rd., Bristol, VA —  Andreas Lopez
Food City 774 Relocation Way, Ooltewah, TN —  Jayden Berger
Food City 773 Ooltewah-Ringold, Ooltewah, TN —  Eddie Vaughn
Food City 747 Etowah, TN —  Cathy Stone
Food City 743 Cleveland, TN —  Janet Smith
Food City 738 Soddy Daisy, TN —  Paula Lahmers
Food City 735 Lee Highway, Chattanooga, TN —  James Pickett
Food City 727 Red Bank, TN —  Nicole Williams
Food City 726 Hixson Pike, Chattanooga, TN —  Paul A Jette
Food City 724 Dayton, TN —  Alfred Gonzales
Food City 717 Harrison, TN —  Jeff Babb
Food City 716 TN Ave., Chattanooga, TN —  Brenda Benn
Food City 715 Signal Mtn., Chattanooga, TN —  Andrew Seth Thomas
Food City 713 Hixson, TN —  Barbra Stewart
Food City 712 Cleveland, TN —  Sue Cofer
Food City 710 East Ridge, TN —  Haven Bull
Food City 706 Highway 58, Chattanooga, TN —  Charleen Nelson
Food City 705 East 23rd St., Chattanooga, TN —  John Roderick
Food City 703 Hixson, TN —  Maxine Holmes
Food City 701 E. Brainerd Rd., Chattanooga, TN —  Melgie Smith
Food City 699 Piney Flats, TN —  John Ferguson
Food City 694 Deane Hill, Knoxville, TN —  James Ingram
Food City 688 Halls Center, Knoxville, TN —  William Ross Earl
Food City 687 Millertown Pike, Knoxville, TN —  Trinity Turner
Food City 686 Athens, TN —  Brenda Luisa
Food City 685 Fountain City, Knoxville, TN —  Jeffrey Prince
Food City 682 Chapman Highway, Knoxville, TN —  Clyde Garner
Food City 681 Oak Ridge, TN —  Rebecca Porter
Food City 680 Maynardville, TN —  Becky Vandergriff
Food City 679 Powell Center, Knoxville, TN —  Kyle Herrell
Food City 678 Cumberland Estates, Knoxville, TN —  Lori Hodge
Food City 677 Clinton Hwy., Knoxville, TN —  James Swatzell
Food City 676 College Homes, Knoxville, TN —  Minh Tram Nguyen
Food City 674 Bearden Center, Knoxville, TN —  Alyssa "Seraphina" Underwood
Food City 672 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN —  Justin Davis
Food City 670 Gray, TN —  Edward S Green
Food City 669 Blountville, TN —  Xavier Parson
Food City 668 Newport Highway, Sevierville, TN —  Patricia Blackstock
Food City 667 Dolly Parton Parkway, Sevierville, TN —  Kaitlyn Montemagno
Food City 664 Colonial Heights, TN —  Terry Lane
Food City 663 E. Andrew Johnson Hwy, Greeneville, TN —  Raina Shoemaker
Food City 662 Fairfield Glade/Crossville, TN —  Howard Robb
Food City 661 LaFollette, TN —  Ron Cole
Food City 657 Clinchfield St., Kingsport, TN —  Grayson Byrd
Food City 656 Crossville, TN —  Sue Hitt
Food City 655 Strawberry Plains, TN —  Jacob Hicks
Food City 654 Clinton, TN —  James Stevenson
Food City 653 Kingston, TN —  Kaitlyn Stephens
Food City 651 West Broadway, Maryville, TN —  Judy Kehoe
Food City 650 Lenoir City, TN —  William Warner
Food City 647 East Broadway, Maryville, TN —  John Moore
Food City 646 Cool Springs Rd, Morristown, TN —  Mary Ellen Guzy
Food City 645 New Tazewell, TN —  Carrie Poore
Food City 644 Seymour, TN —  Gregory Catlett
Food City 642 Oliver Springs, TN —  Teresa Hall
Food City 641 Boones Creek, TN —  Carolyn Fain
Food City 640 Jonesborough, TN —  Rebecca Ricker-Hansel
Food City 634 Harriman, TN —  Cherlyn Brown
Food City 632 Loudon, TN —  Debbie Wilson
Food City 631 Elizabethton, TN —  Danny Ward
Food City 630 Dandridge, TN —  Jordan Ward
Food City 629 State of Franklin, Johnson City, TN —  Hannah Morgan
Food City 622 Virginia Ave., Bristol TN —  Brian Everitt
Food City 620 Vonore, TN —  Elsa Betencourt Baumann
Food City 619 Blaine, TN —  Sarah Fennell
Food City 618 White Pine, TN —  Deborah Lindsey
Food City 617 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN —  Abby Corder
Food City 616 Hardin Valley, Knoxville, TN —  Haley Powell
Food City 615 Jefferson City, TN —  Teresa Swanger
Food City 614 Western Plaza, Newport, TN —  Phillip Drinnon
Food City 612 Rogersville, TN —  Hope Brooks
Food City 611 Gatlinburg, TN —  Kelly Lucey
Food City 610 Pigeon Forge, TN —  Tessa Quick
Food City 609 Kodak, TN —  Marilyn Van Ryn
Food City 608 Asheville Hwy., Greeneville, TN —  John A. Laster
Food City 607 Sandstone Drive, Morristown, TN —  Brenda Hatcher
Food City 606 Snapps Ferry Rd., Greeneville, TN —  Nikki Johnson
Food City 605 Eastman Rd. Kingsport, TN —  Jamie Horton
Food City 604 Eastern Plaza, Newport, TN —  Ashley Morton
Food City 603 Church Hill, TN —  Keith Mc Lain
Food City 602 East Morris Blvd, Morristown, TN —  Patrick Phillips
Food City 601 S. Roan St., Johnson City, TN —  Riley Gouge
Food City 468 Cumberland, KY —  Wade Hall
Food City 437 Harlan, KY —  Edna Michelle Brock
Food City 428 Middlesboro, KY —  Alexis Deitch
Super Dollar 2801 Wytheville, VA —  Laura Midkiff
Food City 252 LaFayette, TN —  Abigail Elizabeth Whitfield
Food City 249 Fort Oglethorpe, TN —  Madelyn Thompson
Food City 239 Dalton, GA —  Donna Kelly
Food City 233 Trenton, GA —  Leah Cole
Food City 230 Chatsworth, GA —  Adella Lonas
Food City 206 Rossville, GA —  Donald Buttner
Super Dollar 2843 Grundy, VA —  Alexander Edwards
Super Dollar 2457 Prestonsburg, KY —  Leetha Lafferty
Super Dollar 2446 Pikeville, KY —  Logan Copley
Food City 839 Food City Vansant, VA —  Hannah Skeens
Food City 475 Food City Shelbiana, KY —  Cynthia Williams
Food City 471 Food City Prestonsburg, KY —  Kennith Hamilton
Food City 458 Pikeville, KY —  Lauren Adkins
Food City 438 Food City Hazard, KY —  Sylvia Napier
Food City 436 Food City Whitesburg, KY —  Sandra Cook
Food City 433 Louisa, KY —  Cheryl Gowan
Food City 425 Williamson, KY —  Larry Rowe
Food City 424 Paintsville, KY —  Kristen Salyer

Headquartered in Abingdon, Virginia, K-VA-T Food Stores (Food City’s parent company) operates 130 retail outlets throughout southeast Kentucky, southwest Virginia, east Tennessee, Chattanooga and north Georgia.