Wellness Club — Only the Freshest at Food City

Wellness Club — Only the Freshest at Food City
Abingdon, VA. - Monday, Jul 1, 2019.

written by Elizabeth Hall, MS, RDN, LDN, Food City Registered Dietitian

Summertime is all about fresh…fresh fruits and vegetables that is! At Food City, fresh is important. That’s why we have the local growers program which allows us to purchase produce from local farmers to bring delicious fresh produce to our stores for everyone to enjoy!

Here are some reasons to focus on the healthy and plentiful selection of locally grown produce available at Food City this summer:
•    Seasonal produce is not only fresher, but more nutritious too! When fruits and vegetables are in season, they are at their peak nutritional value, which means you get more vitamins and minerals to help you feel great. When you purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, remember to store them properly and try to eat them within 3-4 days after buying so most of the nutrients are still intact. The variety of colors in fruits and vegetables from different phytochemicals allow you to get a variety of nutrients as well.

•    Why eat fruits and vegetables anyway? Produce is not only high in vitamins and minerals which are vital for many body processes, but also antioxidants which help our bodies fight free radicals. Free radicals if left alone can build up in the body and increase the risk of long-term diseases. Fruits and vegetables are also fiber-rich which is important for gastrointestinal health and heart health as well.

•    When you are preparing your vegetables to eat, avoid methods like boiling which can cause some of the water-soluble vitamins to leech out into the water. Instead, use methods such as roasting or steaming, or enjoy them as is!

•    No matter what kind of produce you choose, try to make half of your plate fruits and vegetables at your meals. More produce means more nutrients and fiber that keep you fuller longer and leaves less room for higher fat foods.

Enjoy “fresh” all summer long with fresh fruits and vegetables from Food City! You can feel good about what you are eating and also who you are supporting! Buying local produce from local farmers keeps resources in your community, which is something you can feel great about everyday!